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A band, born from passion for music. Six people and no concept, no rules, or predetermined expectations of style…
When the only wish was  to make music and to gently push one another to redefine the borders of our musical limitations, we jointly found out that it lifted our concept of songwriting to a new level. Our personal preferences and musical taste is very different to what we make together. There is within our band no single person who writes or dictates.  There’s an openminded and ongoing discussion about what we want or like together. This does make the proces of writing songs more complicated but ever so much satisfying. Songs we al love to play from the heart, with our hearts wide open.
Listen to us and enjoy our songs as much as we do. Above all… share amongst your friends, the things that touch your musical heart.
Rick – drums / Casper – guitar / Antonio – bass / John – guitar / Richard – vocals