My Bangalore Beauty is a song with a

hard thumping beat. With every shredding chord it threw me deeper and deeper into a pit of dark and evil thoughts. I, for one am not the kind of person at all to deeply hurt another human being and neither is one of my fellow musicians of Deep Water Horizon. Imagination is the key to open doors to new environments, so, if I were a bad person and you would take these lyrics litterally in this song, a young woman is held against her will and let’s say, not being ghostwriter agent the ghostwriter treated very decent.

The story as you should read it, is about people who think greatly about themselves. Who place themselves in a surreal world, held together with lies and deceit. They will tell you that they’ve been treated bad only to make themselves look better, look innocent. To make you believe that they never meant harm. That they are not the

ones to blame for whatever reason.

Be carefull what you wish for. Bad things can occur if you spread lies with one purpose only; to show the world how pretty and upstanding you are. There will always be others who see right through your veil of deceit.

Be still my child, before you start
screaming your lungs out, I must reply
Ziptied and gagged, cuffs on both arms
breathe through your nose before asking why
Filth has its charm, could keep you warm
dwell with your thoughts to a saver place
Your earwrencing cries locked, inside these walls drop like
air-deprived flies, spinning down
My bangalore beauty
come feed my twisted mind
as long as it suits me
Life isn’t there where tend to hide it
My bangalore beauty
Unlike myself, you are the one
pointing a finger accusingly
You cater the world, to sins and lies
and kharma bites back accordingly
Trapped in your mind, set to your dreams you’re
twisting truth’s arm to what it seems
Reality slices through, bonebreaking nightmares you’ll
run and you’ll hide forever through
My bangalore beauty
come feed you twisted mind
as long as it suits you
Truth isn’t there where you tend to hide it
My bangalore beauty