Sparks are flying…

One year to remember. 2013 has been a revelation in so many ways. As a band we grew and set the tone to what we want to acclomplish as musicians, We released some of our songs and played our first few gigs. The response to it has been awesome and so it inspired us to keep doing what we do. In our own fashion, the way we love to do it. Thanks to all of you who helped and supported in any way.

2014 will bring more of us than you can imagine and we all hope that you will still be there as our audience. Traditionally on the brink of a new year, from 10 AM people are allowed to light firework. So with big bangs and sparkles in the background, Deep Water Horizon wishes you all a great new year. To us this year was a  lucky thirteen and we hope it will be an even better 2014 for everyone. Let’s all leave the past where it belongs and look forward from where you stand. Keep your eyes and ears open because then next big bang you hear might as well be coming from us, launching new songs.

Take care and stay safe to come rock with us live in 2014.

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